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Digital Asset Management

What is biblioDAM?

The BiblioDAM is a powerful cloud search media library that allows for the centralised storage, control and management of digital assets. It provides a facility to reuse, reference and clone articles. Digital assets can be referenced from multiple websites or apps and maintain a single instance of storage.

The BiblioDAM can be tightly integrated into a CMS platform of choice, similar to how it has been used with Baobab Editorial and WordPress Dashboards for related articles and clone article capability.

What can biblioDAM offer you?

Bulk Media Archive
Elastic Search
Editorial Integration
Metadata Search
CMS of Choice
Multi-title Capability
Reuse Assets across Group
Video Transcoding / Downloading

Cloud based Digital Asset Management

  • Bulk media archive upload and index facility
  • Elastic search algorithms
  • Standalone or integrated with existing editorial process
  • Metadata search and update capability
  • Integrates with CMS of choice (WP editorial plugin)
  • Multi-titled digital assets capability
  • Reuse digital assets across titles or groups
  • Video transcoding and download capabilities

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